Front Harness UL

Precision laser-cut harness which attaches under your handle bars.

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Weight: 165 g   Capacity: 20.0 L


Front Harness UL

Precision laser-cut harness which attaches under your handle bars. Designed so that the contents can be attached/removed quickly and easily while leaving the harness in place. This system is great for multi-sporters or adventure racers who need to be able to add/remove bags frequently at transitions.

Easy Loading

The handlebar harness features a 3 strap system to allow easy loading of the dry bag - the centre strap holds the balanced load, while you tension the two outer straps for a secure fit.


The handlebar harness has been specifically designed for use with ROBO-KIWI dry bags (Front Harness + Dry Bag UL), but can also be used for any suitable tube shaped item, such as a tent. It can also easily be paired with the Cafe Bag - the ideal companion for valuables and important items you want to keep close and convenient at stops.

What to put in it

This harness can be used as a stand-alone product to carry cylindrical shaped items such as tents and dry bags. It is the ideal place to store spare clothing and other items which need to be kept dry. It can also be used to carry overnight food, cooker, etc.

How to pack it

1. Attach the empty harness to your handle bars, positioning the foam spacers and straps carefully around your gear cables and brake lines (to ensure they’re not bent out of shape and function correctly). Clip the lower retainer strap around the bottom of the head tube. Tighten all straps for a secure fit.
2. Pack the contents of your dry bag/tent tightly, squeezing all the air out, then insert into the harness and tighten all the straps. The harness remains in place when you remove the contents, allowing for quick transitions.

Product Code:RK83UL
Weight:165 g
Capacity:20.0 L
Height:24 cm
Width:24 cm
Depth:24 cm