Cockpit Bag UL

Weight: 75 g   Capacity: 1.9 L

$119.00 - $139.00

Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Cockpit Bag UL

This bag is a favourite as it is possibly the most accessible storage location while riding. Weather-resistant, it is ideal for small items and attaches to the top tube just behind the stem. Double YKK #5 outer edge zippers allow for full access to the large front compartment.

Custom Features (optional)

  • One or two internal compartments
  • Internal sleeve pockets for sorting gear
  • Transparent phone/GPS panel in lid
  • Cable exit sleeve (to connect lights at night)

Please choose the custom size when ordering and specify which options you'd like in the comments section at checkout.


The Cockpit Bag UL is probably bigger than you think. It is certainly bigger than most similar bags on the market. It is 290mm long and will probably cover a large part of your top tube, but its tapered shape and rubber contact patches keep it in line and not interfere with your pedaling action.

What to put in it

This bag is a great for small items such as gloves, sun glasses, sun screen, lip balm, head light batteries, etc. as well as snacks.

How to pack it

This bag can be packed on or off the bike. Make sure all velcro straps and done up tightly and overlap well.

Product Code:RK41UL
Weight:75 g
Capacity:1.9 L
Height:12 cm
Width:10 cm
Depth:29 cm

Robo-Kiwi Ultra Light is our bag solution that goes all-out to create the lightest possible version of our products, while still maintaining functionality and durability. Excess weight is cut wherever possible. We use a hybrid Dyneema composite outer fabric, smaller buckles, narrower straps and velcro, lower density foam inserts, etc, etc.

The ultra light solution isn’t right for everyone. If you want bike bags so durable that you’ll be able to pass them down to your grandchildren, there are plenty of bag manufactures to choose from. If you want bags that have been shown to go the distance while saving significant weight over a standard bike packing setup, Robo-Kiwi Ultra Light is for you!

For the standard model, check out the Cockpit Bag.

If you'd like to go even lighter than our Ultra Light Model, please contact us to discuss your requirements. There are a few extra tricks we can employ on custom setups to save a few grams here and there and if you are willing to make a few key trade-offs we can make significant extra weight savings.