Rescue Sled XP

Weight: 590 g  


Rescue Sled XP

A multi-purpose rescue tarp for mountain guides, ski guides, professional skiers and backcountry adventurers. Tested in conjunction with the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association.

A combination of SIL nylon (on the sides) and coated X-Pac composite fabric (for the base) have been used to create a waterproof, durable and versatile piece of mountain equipment. Careful attention has been given to every detail, to ensure the tarp is lightweight (so you actually take it on your trip!) without compromising strength.

Sled strapping kits are sold separately - if you are travelling in glaciated terrain or with a rope, you can opt to use your own cords and rope instead.


Rescue Sled

  • structural webbing net - does not rely on sewn fabric for strength
    • 3 lengthwise haul lines run underneath patient
    • 3 lift/drag handles per side
    • 4 tie-in points per side
  • versatile
    • can be used with skis or a sleeping mat
    • can be used with ROBO-KIWI sled strapping kits or your own webbing/cord/rope
  • bi-directional dragging, side-hauling and lifting
  • user friendly and quick to set up
    • colour-coded tie-in points
  • lightweight


Bothy Bag

  • fits up to 4-5 comfortably in a sitting position


Bivvy Bag

  • 2 person bivvy bag when folded in half to make an envelope



  • 8 tarp loops around the perimeter allow for classic shelter-style use
Product Code:RK70STD
Weight:590 g
Height:270 cm
Width:225 cm