Front Harness + Dry Bag

Front Harness + Dry Bag

Weight: 280 - 300 g   Capacity: 12.0 - 20.0 L


Harness and seam-sealed dry bag which attaches under your handle bars. The double-ended tube-style dry bag can be attached/removed quickly and easily while leaving the harness in place. This system is great for multi-sporters or adventure racers who need to be able to add/remove bags frequently at transitions.

Easy Loading

The harness features a 3 strap system to allow easy loading of the dry bag - the centre strap holds the balanced load, while you tension the two outer straps for a secure fit.


The harness has been specifically designed for use with the dry bag, but can also be used for any suitable tube shaped item, such as a tent. It can also easily be paired with the Cafe Bag - the ideal companion for valuables and important items you want to keep close and convenient at stops.