Rear Harness + Dry Bag XP

Rear Harness + Dry Bag XP

Weight: 320 - 380 g   Capacity: 10.0 - 14.0 L

$179.00 - $189.00

Harness and seam-sealed dry bag which attaches under your seat. The tapered dry bag can be attached/removed quickly and easily while leaving the harness in place. This system is great for multi-sporters or adventure racers who need to be able to add/remove bags frequently at transitions.

Secure Loading

The harness features a 6 strap system to allow secure loading of the dry bag - the two centre straps hold the drybag in, the main tension straps hold it securely to the seat post while the two additional side straps attach directly to the dry bag and completely prevents sagging.


The harness and dry bag have been specifically designed to be used together. Opposing buckles on the dry bag clip to matching buckles on the harness, but can also be clipped to each other when the dry bag is removed from the harness to be used as a handle.