Triangulator Bag UL

Weight: 190 g   Capacity: 8.0 L

$289.00 - $299.00

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Triangulator Bag UL

Custom-sized frame bag filling the triangle between the top tube, seat tube and down tube. The Triangulator UL frame bag is a handy place to store a water bladder and small items such as your first aid kit. Standard designs will seldom fit your frame correctly, especially if you have rear suspension. We'll provide detailed instructions on how to make a stencil from your bike frame. This not only enables us to create the best fit for your bike, but you can also specify exactly which features you want, or even request custom features specific to your setup!

Standard Features

  • Single compartment (one zip - choose left/right side)

Deluxe Features

  • Double compartment with horizontal divider (two zips - choose upper left/right, lower left/right)
  • Map pocket (opposite side to zip(s) - for double compartment, both zips will need to be on the same side)
  • Hydration tube exit sleeve (opposite to top zip)
  • Storm flaps over zippers (helps with waterproofing zippers in heavy rain)

Custom Extras

Please specify what you'd like and we will contact you regarding the feasibility and price.

Production Time

All Triangulator UL Bags are custom fitted so take up to 4 weeks from the time we receive your frame stencil (provided we have your requested fabric colours in stock for manufacture). It may be possible to shorten the standard production time, but a surcharge will apply for fast service orders.

Custom Fit & Sizing

As we can’t physically work with your bike frame (unless you leave it with us!), we need you to create a frame stencil for us. You make the stencil, send it to us and we use it to size the bag and place the straps. The more accurate your stencil, the snugger the fit. All custom-fit bags ship with longer straps, so you can trim them to the correct length once on your bike.

How to make a frame stencil

What to put in it

This bag is a great location for your drinking bladder as it places a potentially quite heavy item at the centre of the bike. This distributes the load better across the wheels and allows for better riding performance.

How to pack it

Attach the bag to your bike first, then pack it. This makes it less likely that you'll over-fill it and makes it easier to add heavy items. Make sure the velcro strips are nice and tight and overlap well.

Product Code:RK31UL
Weight:190 g
Capacity:8.0 L

Robo-Kiwi Ultra Light is our bag solution that goes all-out to create the lightest possible version of our products, while still maintaining functionality and durability. Excess weight is cut wherever possible. We use a hybrid Dyneema composite outer fabric, smaller buckles, narrower straps and velcro, lower density foam inserts, etc, etc.

The ultra light solution isn’t right for everyone. If you want bike bags so durable that you’ll be able to pass them down to your grandchildren, there are plenty of bag manufactures to choose from. If you want bags that have been shown to go the distance while saving significant weight over a standard bike packing setup, Robo-Kiwi Ultra Light is for you!

For the standard model, check out the Triangulator Bag.

If you'd like to go even lighter than our Ultra Light Model, please contact us to discuss your requirements. There are a few extra tricks we can employ on custom setups to save a few grams here and there and if you are willing to make a few key trade-offs we can make significant extra weight savings.